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Substitute teachers have an essential role in ensuring that student learning continues without interruption. This website has been prepared to provide you with information to help you feel more comfortable in your role. Please feel free to talk with the Division Principal if you have any questions.

What Happens Next?

You will be notified as early as possible, either the night before or before 6:00am for a sick teacher.

All substitutes are required to sign the Volunteer Statements of Faith.


  • School Dress Code: Professional dress, following a modesty code that is guided by the student uniforms.
    • Capri or full length pants
    • Knee length or longer skirts
    • Men - polo/collared or regular shirts
    • Women - avoid showing cleavage, midriff; avoid spaghetti straps or strapless
    • Exceptions to professional dress dependent upon role, as approved by administrator
    • Casual Fridays (optional) - trial for the 2014/15 school year. Jeans can be worn with a dress top/shirt. Staff need to remember that we have many visitors to our campus, so dressing in a way that shows respect for others is essential (jeans must be neat - no holes or frayed edges).

Job Expectations:

Plan to arrive at least 20 minutes before your class so you can review the teacher’s lesson plan for the day.

First time substitutes should plan to arrive 30 minutes before their first class. Most teachers leave their lesson plans in their mailbox, or leave them on their desk. Keys to the HS classrooms can be signed out from the Division Secretaries.

Be sure you make yourself familiar with the fire escape route and the alarms at the beginning of the day. See below for further instructions.

High School

First Period Classes: Read the daily bulletin to the class (in the teacher’s mailbox or from the Division Secretary.)

Take attendance. Record any absentees and enter “A” for absent. If a student is late without a late pass enter their name on the attendance sheet with a “T” for tardy. A secretary will collect these during the first period as well as the first period after lunch. Please leave a list of absentees for the teacher.

If you substitute teach more than one day, double check that absentees from the day before are listed in the bulletin. If they are not, please report it to the Division Secretary.

If students need to leave the room during class for any reason, they technically need you to write this in their handbook/planner or on a piece of paper (with the date and time) to use as a hall pass. Only one at a time should be permitted to leave the room for any reason. No student should leave the room during test.

Gum chewing is not allowed during class. Students caught doing so should be recorded on the attendance form for demerits.

Cell phones and other electronic equipment are not permitted during the class period. Confiscate phones used during class, record the student’s name and give it to the principal for the student to collect later. Leave a note for the teacher if the cell phone is used during a test.

Disrespectful or uncooperative students should be sent to the principal’s office with a note indicating the problem.

Lock the classroom door when you are not there. Do not leave tests or personal valuables unattended.

Do not let the class out early. This causes too much disturbance in the hallway.

Leave a report for the teacher regarding uncooperative students, uncovered material, or other information that would be helpful for the teacher.

Elementary School

The teacher should have left a substitute teacher folder for you on their desk or in their mailbox. This will give you the schedule for the day and any other procedures or helpful information for hi/ her classroom.

All students are to treat you, as well as their fellow students, with respect.

Please also read through Classroom Management Policy

Fire Drills

The fire alarm is a slow ascending descending wail like an ambulance whine. Follow the designated escape route posted by the door of the room you are in. The following rules should be applied:

  1. All students stop talking. The teacher is in complete charge.
  2. Instruct students to leave everything in the building.
  3. Turn off all appliances and fixtures, but not computers. Turn off gas in science lab.
  4. Close all doors and windows but DO NOT LOCK your door,
  5. Take the class list with you.
  6. Walk quietly, single file, oath the designated exit to the designated spot. Take a different route if your route is blocked.
  7. Students should remain in line and quiet in designated spot.
  8. The teacher needs to take roll call.
  9. An announcement will indicate when a drill is over and the students can return to their classroom.

Security or Lock Down Drills

The security alarm is a fast tone change. This alarm indicates that you should lock down the room you are in. Lock the door and turn off the lights. Everyone should not be visible from the windows. Everyone needs to remain QUIET. An announcement will be made when the drill is over.

If you are in the hallway when a security drill begins, go inside the closest room. If the door is already locked, knock and state your name, and that you are a volunteer.

Other Information:

For the approved volunteer serving at least 1 day/week or as a regular substitute teacher:

  • The volunteer can avail of van service for free on the day of volunteering. If there is space and they are on a current route.
  • Free use of the pool whenever it is open during the period they are serving as a volunteer. But they need to pay in advance for guests (including family members) (M-F Business Office hours)
  • Facilities use/booking is the same as with an outside group.
  • If the approved volunteer is serving at least once a week, you can get the guest password from the IT Helpdesk at the IT Servants office for you to avail of free WiFi connection.

updated SY 2017-2018